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Welcome to our blog page Over Tea & Biscuits.

First of all we’re afraid to break it to you that this isn’t a cooking blog, as much as we love cakes and biscuits we’re really here to share our views on life as a whole. You know those little things in life which prevent our lives from being perfect, that’s what we’re here to talk about. Our title actually refers to the conversations that we have across the tea table while we’re munching on digestives, how we love to start a controversial topic as we chat.

Our names are Flora and Sue and we are both very good friends, and together we have both been inspired to create a blog page where we can discuss and rant about certain topics which we just want to talk about and share out thoughts.

Finally, if you’ve read our posts give us some feedback in the comments section and also write your own opinions, because it’ll be great to see what our viewers are thinking!

We hope you enjoy!


Sue left, Flora right


BEFORE OUR DOFE EXPEDITION, check out our post on ‘How to Survive Duke of Edinbrugh”! 🙂


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