It’s been a while…

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December 1, 2013 by sueflora

So it’s been nearly two months since our last post…oops…


Fortunately we do have an excuse; we have both had way too much going on – work, big life choices, scholarship tests, mocks, revision, music, sport etc etc, argh, it’s too much.

And right now, we want to release all of our stress out into this post.

It feels as if every single thing is weighing down on us all at once, that every decision we make has to be right, or consequently we will have effectively ruined our future. Admittedly, that is probably very over dramatic, but it’s what stress and anxiety does to you.

IB or A-levels?
6th form?
This subject or that?
Languages, sciences or a mixture?
Specialise or keep options open?


It’s so hard. We feel so confused and lost and confused and worried and tired. HELP US!!

On top of all the decisions we have to make with ever nearing deadlines, we have to revise for our mocks and balance out all of our extra-curricular activities. If there is anyone who can relate to us, we advice that you continue with your hobbies outside of school, even if it starts to seem too much, whatever stage of life you are in, having a hobby can really help!

Anyway, we are sorry for the lack of content recently; we both have a lot of ideas for future posts which will hopefully be more consistent and regular from now on! 🙂

Here is a song that has been keeping me going, it is great in showing how you how even if you are confused about everything and lost etc, that we are all just ‘finding our way in the world’, which makes me happy 🙂
She’s called Nina Nesbitt and is an AMAZING artist and singer/song writer. All of her music is incredible and you must check her out!




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