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October 6, 2013 by sueflora

We went to Ooshi and had bubble tea!!

We thought for a change, instead of having tea and biscuits, we’d have tea the Asian way…Bubble tea!


Omnomnomnom. There was such a wide range and variety of flavours, it literally took us over ten minutes to decide what to get, but we got there in the end! And they were AMAZING!


As you see, the list of flavours are endless, they range from fruity, to chocolately, to tea flavoured and so on. You can have ooballs (the flavoured bubbles that pop), tapioca pearls (chewy sweety thingies) and jellies, which neither of us got to try (next time)!


On each table, they had these bowls of Taiwanese sweets, mochiiiiiiii, and erm, yeah, we ate a lot, like as in a couple of bowl fulls.



Here we are enjoying our bubble tea!

Ooshi, for such a small shop, was alive with bright and vivid colours, it was such a great way to finish off such a stressful week. CONTROLLED ASSESSMENTS GO AWAY.

We recommend for everyone to try out bubble tea, they are delicious and we really recommended them:)
We hope you agree:)


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