Rainbow Cupcakes <3


August 27, 2013 by sueflora


So today instead of a rant we thought that we’d do a “How to make rainbow cakes” from the Halloween cook book “Zombies ate my cupcakes”, I know that it’s not Halloween but they look like completely sunny and happy cupcakes so I don’t know why it’s tucked away into the Halloween corner. Also I know that it’s not a rant but we had a sleepover and made them so we wanted to share it with you! So while we’re still writing the next rant, here is a lighter and colourful way to make summer-y cupcakes that just taste awesome. So here we go~~~(I imagined in my head that I would say this like Mario…)

You’ll need:

1) 200g of all purpose flour, sifted twice- we only did it once because ain’t nobody got time for that.
2) 1 tablespoon of baking sodaaaa
3) 1/2 teaspoon of salt, although normally no one tastes it…
4) 120g of unsalted butter at room temp, so leave it out for around 30 minutes before you start or you’ll just have a VERY difficult time whisking. (We learnt this the hard way)
5) 190g of superfine (caster) sugar
6) 2 large eggs
7) 1/2 a cup of whooollllee milk
8) 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
9) GEL colouring, not food colouring (gel colouring is preferable as you can use little amounts but still get a bright, obvious colour)!- you’ll need a few colours, ideally the seven colours of the rainbow…seeing as they are rainbow cupcakes… @_@ so many coloursssss


1) Preheat oven to 180oC.

2) Using an electric mixer, soften the butter until its smooth. DON’T put it in a microwave because even if it doesn’t mix and annoyingly sticks to the whisk, it’ll be too watery if microwaved.

3) Add the eggs one by one beating them until they are ‘incorporated’… I have no idea what the book is talking about, erm… I’m guessing it means fully beat? Now I can only imagine a business run by eggs…oh dear.

4) Anyway, add the flour, BP and salt in a separate bowl of your choice, it could be stripy with cows on it if you really wanted to.

5) In a jug (of course this could also have cows or pigs on it if you’d like) add the milk + vanilla extract.

6) Add the ingredients from [4] in four parts…(haha see what I did there?) into the butter, egg and sugar mixture, alternating with the stuff from [5] (milk etc). Mix well after each division of [4] and [5] until it looks gloopy and colourless…a bit like cake batter preferably 😉


7) Rainnnboow tiiimmme~~~ Divide your batter into small bowls depending on how many colours you have and add the gels in. Mix with a different spoon for each colour.



8) Get your spoons out and using a different spoon to spoon (I used spoon four times in a sentence, it sounds cool so go away grammar geeks :p) the colours add it to your paper cupcake cases. Oh and btw it’s nice if you use see through cupcake cases as you’ll be able to see all the colours from the outside; but if you need to run to the shop to get it I wouldn’t bother, too much unnecessary energy wasted. It really doesn’t matter how much of which colour you put in, they all came out absolutely faabbbbuuulous when we did it so it’ll be fine. Also if you want you can use a toothpick and mix the colours so it looks all tie dyed, but don’t go overboard with it… it’ll just turn brown.

Mix it!

Mix it!


9) Put that thang into ze oven and bake for 15 minutos (I hope that you can decipher what I just wrote there) and take it out to spread the icing or frosting or whatever you would prefer to call it.

Yum Yum :P

Yum Yum 😛


You’ll need:

80g of unsalted butter, again leave for 30 minutes
325g icing sugar, maybe extra if its too watery, or if you just have a sweet tooth.
4 tablespoons of milk
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract (I just realised how many spoons we used for this cake :D)
2 tablespoons of double cream (even more spoons!)
Blue colouring (not gel), we chose blue but I guess any other colour would work just as well.
Some decorations?

Here we go: (that time Luigi said it, because I don’t want to favoratize(that’s not a word) one brother from another)
1)Beat the softened butter with e-mixer. Add sugar, milk, cream and V.E. (notice how I’m getting lazier and lazier at typing).

2)And then add the colouring of your choice and spread over the cupcake.

The colour is getting therreee

The colour is getting therreee

3)You could decorate it if you’d like because it’ll be quite plain, we covered it with glitter and golden stars and it looked great so if your brain is out of ideas then why not?

To make the cupcake it took around 1h45 so do it when you have time!
Here are piccys of the finished cupcakes and us messing around 🙂





2 thoughts on “Rainbow Cupcakes <3

  1. Alicia T says:

    Aaaaaahh omnomnom those look delicious!! So pretty too! 😍

  2. sueflora says:

    Haha they were! They went so quickly!

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