The ‘Great’ British Summer

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July 31, 2013 by sueflora


Finally the holidays have eventually greeted us after what felt like an eternity. Yeah okay, that’s a huge exaggeration.

And each year we seem to always be let down by the weather after expecting and hoping for the sun to be shining enough for us to participate in summer activities such as going to the beach; getting a tan (apart from me (Flora) who just gets burnt without applying SPF 50); eating ice cream; doing water sports..etc And this isn’t by any means unachievable…UNLESS you live in Britain.

Britain has no extremities in its weather whatsoever. We always complain if the weather is rainy, cold, hot and dry..we cannot be pleased. If it is too hot (which, by the way in Britain, is considered anything above 25 degrees celsius), we disapprove, and on the contrary if it is too cold, the only thing anyone will say every ten seconds is ‘it is too cold’. We are just so ashjdggadsj. I don’t even know. Pathetic?

I love being British and everything. But the weather is honestly rubbish. If we have one (surprisingly) sunny day, the rest of the week will inevitably be rainy (however admittedly we did have one great week these holidays where the sun was shining). Bleh.

Oh well, hope for the best. And hopefully everyone is getting the weather they wished for! Have a great holiday πŸ™‚


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